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Camping With Allergies and Asthma PDF Print E-mail
Before heading outdoors for your camping trip, learn what you can do to avoid allergy and asthma triggers lurking outdoors and in the wilderness.

Allergy Prevention Tips

  • Air out your equipment before you leave, look for mold in tents and tarps and wash off any you see with a hot water and bleach solution.

  • Bring along your allergy and/or asthma medication, so you are prepared for any trigger that may cross your path.

  • Remember to pack food that is friendly to people with food allergies, check with your group to see what people are allergic to and do not bring that item.

  • Check out your camp site for ragweed, poison oak or poison ivy and other plants that may cause allergic reactions. Bring ointments and medications just in case.

  • When building a fire, make sure that people who have asthma sit farther away and out of the wind so the smoke does not irritate their lungs.

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

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