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Allergies Home Page
Welcome to the Allergies Guide!
If you or someone you know suffers from allergies, sensitivities or intolerances, the information and resources available on this site should help you reduce your exposure to allergy triggers and treat your symptoms.

For those with allergies, it seems the entire world is filled with obstacles -- indoors, outdoors, at home and at work. But with a little planning and effort, you can reduce your risk of an allergic reaction with the allergy prevention information on this site.

Common Childhood Allergies
The causes of allergies are not fully understood. Your child can get allergies from coming into contact with allergens. Allergens can be inhaled, eaten, injected (from stings or medicine), or they can come into contact with the skin.
Daily Allergy Tip
One of the best ways to reduce bedroom dust mites is to wash your bedding every week in hot water and regular laundry detergent. Set your washing machine on hot instead of warm for the best results.